Monday, 12 July 2010

I am cooler than you. Deal with it.

Hi. I'm Fergus Craig and I'm the coolest person you could ever hope to possibly meet. Let me tell you why...

1. I have snogged over 20 girls.
2. This morning I completed my World Cup wall chart having had to tippex over only one mistake.
3. I know the 'known' family tree of most Neighbours characters.
4. Derren Brown has seen me in a play and from what I hear thought I was good.
5. I have played Pro Evolution Soccer most days in the last 7 years.
6. My girlfriend is American.
7. At the age of eleven I wrote a rap that included a reference to John Major.
8. Sometimes I go into Ladbrokes on weekday afternoons and bet on dog races.
9. I was in an unscreened advert for Thomas Cook
10. My eczema hasn't flared up in ages.
11. I am the Northumberland under 13s badminton champion 1992.
12. I have a couple of non-white friends.

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